Thursday, July 15, 2010

Slopers and Steroids

The results of Mr. Dude's dedicated measuring of his wife:

Here we have both a pants and a shell fitting pattern, complete with seam allowances -- what?!? That's right. Pattern Maker includes seam allowances in their computations, which excites me more than I care to admit.


So, 'member that time when I said I was off to buy muslin and a printer?

I lied.

I managed to get as far as printing out the patterns. I won't put in writing exactly how I managed, but I did. However I still don't have the proper fabric to bust these out.

We've had some... well, interesting issues lately with a next door neighbor who is experiencing a bit of corticosteroid-induced paranoid psychosis. And by "corticosteroid-induced paranoid psychosis" I mean literally. Not in the figurative sense you might be used to. Not like when you're all, "What's up with my boss lately? She's totally got a case of corticosteroid-induced paranoid psychosis. Jeez."

Nope. Not like that.

I mean like when you're all, "What's up with my next door neighbor using a sledgehammer to manually disassemble his garage all Sunday afternoon, then glaring at Mr. Dude demanding, 'Do you know who I really am???', jumping in his SUV and racing it at 140 mph off the nearest freeway on-ramp into a ditch, getting cut out of said demolished SUV with the jaws of life, then escaping the emergency room with a compound fracture in his arm and six broken ribs against doctors' warnings, removing the cast and stitches himself during a bout with insomnia, then telling Mr. Dude that if he ever feels like helping him take the rest of the stitches out to just go ahead and knock on his door whenever? Seems like he's got a case of corticosteroid-induced paranoid psychosis. Jeez."

So I've been a bit jumpy around my house lately, is all.

Hopefully I can tackle the fitting shell and pants sometime soon. And hopefully my neighbor doesn't find another SUV to use.


  1. WARNING: Dumb question to follow.

    What are seam allowances?

  2. Not a dumb question at all -- in fact, a great question because seam allowances will come up over, and over, and over in this project. The seam allowance is the edge of the fabric outside your seamline, or the margin that will end up on the inside of the garment as you wear it. Most commercial patterns that you would buy at a fabric store allow for a 5/8" seam allowance, except in places that might require more fabric margin to play with (zippers, button plackets, hems, etc.). You want a big enough seam allowance that the fabric won't ravel and pull away from your seam, and you want enough seam allowance so that you can finish it however you want for the completed garment. Turn your clothes inside out and you'll see a variety of ways to deal with finishing the seam allowances -- most of the time we will do stuff to the seam allowance to make the garment more durable or just better looking, but that happens much later if we're going by my timeline.

    Does this make sense?