Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For the love of ignorance. (And slopers.)

So, yeah, that sloper link in the last post was a little technical. And, apparently, it was also wrong. Semantics can get so bitchy, eh? Hopefully my home studio will stay fashion-industry-whore-free and no one will snicker at me for using a sloper. Though, done right, a good snicker could be pre-t-ty funny.

For the sake of clarity, I'll be referring to the thing that results from the draping of a bunch of effing cloth tightly across my bosoms and gut to get my actual shape as a fitting shell. And the stupid thing that results from it, the non-pattern for chrissakes, I'm calling a sloper.

And here's where a disclaimer is due.

I have never gone to design school. Okay, I have, but it doesn't count because it was theatrical costume design and I quit so fast I never got past Ionesco or made it to the after-hours orgy portion of the gross absinthe parties everyone was always having. Okay, maybe they didn't have actual absinthe, but they totally wished they had absinthe. This lack of formal training means I don't know a lot of proper terminology. Or worse, I think I do and I don't. For example, I have no idea how one refers to the green silk I'm using for the lining. It's a heavy. It's crunchy. It's green. Taffeta? I don't know. That's all I've got. And I appreciate that it's probably more respectful of the art and practice of fashion design (or whatever we're calling this) to actually take the time to learn what that silk is called, or what the parts of a machine are named, or what the truly proper seam would be in a particular application. But, dude, I don't have room in my brain for that and generally functioning in life. I'm hoping these things will become demystified over time as I progress through this project. Therefore, the words "thing," "thingy," "whatever," and "stuff," and the phrase "I don't know" are most likely going to show up a lot around here. And, kids, maybe we'll learn together.

That's enough yammering for today. More later.

Ms. May

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