Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Procrastinate much?

Yes, I lag.

And, yes, I stress about lagging. But enough already!

I will shove the neurosis down to show you:

Which is supposed to come together to make this:

How, you ask? I don't know.

I spent the better part of Furlough Friday installing padding on my work table so I can iron big pieces of fabric instead of figuring out how to actually make this thing exist. My hands are permanently clutched into claws from stretching layer after layer of flannel and stapling like a crazy person rather than drafting the mock-up to this coat. There may have been an over-abundance of coffee involved.

I also realized that I've never made a sloper for myself, which I think anyone who sews for themselves will tell you is an absolute must. I'm a rebel. I like doing things the hard way. Some might say, the impossible way. I feel like I learn more this way. Har har.

And this weekend was spent in Palm Desert, so there was much more of this:

...than designing and sewing going on.

Seriously, though, my next post will prolly be about boring slopers. I just think emerald green silk and SUPER scratchy double pinstriped wool are much more fun to look at. And Mr. Dude and Pearl in their Fourth of July glory, also. And, since I'm still setting up my basic tools for this project, I've decided not to start the clock yet.

Neener neener,
Ms. May


  1. OMG, the slopper page gives me an anxiety attack. How can I learn from that?! Love your fabric and illustration. Maybe you should start by making a shirt for the Mr. hardy har har.

  2. Slopers are only for when you want to do the super complicated shit that I shouldn't be attempting anyway. And Mr. Dude repels shirts whenever he's wearing his beer can holster trunks.