Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The pants are going really well so far. After reviewing the finished project gallery on the Bella page, I realized the odds of my muslin being incredibly huge were pretty good. So I made every vertical seam into a 1-inch allowance instead of the original 5/8", and it seems to have taken up the excess size without any distortion to the overall design. The fit is pretty good, but I will probably take up about half an inch on each side down to the hip, and I might take the legs in quite a bit as I look a tad stubby in the photos. Not that stubby is bad. Just not quite the look I was going for here.

Butt looks pretty decent - but hips could be taken in a bit.

Waist needs to be nipped in a bit to help everything stay up where it needs to be. Interfacing, lining and closures will help with this, too.

And holy cannoli, that's about 8 inches that need to be taken off the bottom. Jeez. With that taken off the bottom, I will definitely need to take the legs in so the overall proportions look right.

So, tell me, what should my fabric be? What lining should I do? What sort of closure? Zipper? Buttons? Zipper/buttons combo? I have $60 burning a hole in my pocket and all of the L.A. garment district (oops, sorry, Fashion District) lay out before me...

Au revoir,
Ms. May

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  1. I say sweat pants material with silk lining. Maybe I'm just cold. Wool crepe would be nice too. I don't know what it is though.